Mental strength


Your parents, your coaches, or even your team members have undoubtedly told you that, to perform in your sport, you have to have mental strength. When you practice your sport, whether you are training or competing, you have to constantly push your limits to perform to your best. You have to be able to concentrate better, control your body and your emotions, and possess motivation and determination to achieve your goals to succeed. This is what we call mental strength, and there are many positive ways to develop it. Unfortunately, some coaches will use methods that will hinder rather than help your development and are more like emotional abuse.[20; 21; 22; 31]

Some positive techniques to encourage and develop your mental strength Behaviours that constitute a form of abuse and hinder the athlete’s development 
    • To develop a positive inner dialogue (e.g. “I feel very fast today!”)
    • To focus on the task at hand
    • To work on techniques that will allow you to better manage your emotions
    • To yell at the athlete or the team
    • To insult or humiliate the athlete
    • To put the athlete aside or constantly pick on that athlete