Amongst children and teenagers


Sexual violence can also be perpetrated by one or more children or teenagers against you. We’re talking about sexual harassment when people say sexually connoted things, make sexually connoted gestures or display sexually connoted behaviours that are not wanted and which occur repeatedly.
“A sexual assault is when a sexually connoted gesture, with or without physical contact, is perpetrated by an individual without the consent of the person targeted by this gesture and, in certain cases like those of children, through emotional manipulation or blackmail.
It is an act aiming at using another person to fulfil one’s own desires while abusing one’s authority, or using strength or constraint, or explicit or implicit threats.
A sexual assault violates a person’s fundamental rights, amongst which that person’s physical and psychological integrity along with his or her security.”  [O]
 Examples of sexual harassment 
Examples of sexual assault
    • To whistle at someone to show one’s sexual attraction
    • To make offending sexual jokes
    • To make suggestive, vulgar gestures in the direction of someone
    • To exhibit one’s intimate parts in front of someone
    • To touch someone’s intimate parts
    • To force someone to engage in sexual activities in exchange for favours or privileges, or through manipulation
    • To rape someone