My responsibilities


What are my responsibilities as a coach or a sports professional?

As someone active in a sports community, you must show respect and sportsmanship at all times.

The code of ethics of your sport serves to establish a framework for good sports practices. You are therefore responsible for complying with your code of ethics in order to be accountable and foster a healthy environment for all young athletes to fully benefit from their sport!
The organization, as guardian of the athletes without parental authority, is held responsible, just like a parent, for compensating the harm an underage person might have inflicted on someone else.

However, a person acting as a guardian and who acts as such without remuneration is exempted from such responsibilities if it is proven that he or she has not committed any fault (Article 1460 of Quebec’s Civil Code).

The organization’s responsibility, as an employer, can also be called upon if damages result from a fault committed by an employee or a volunteer in the course of his or her duties (Article 1463 of Quebec’s Civil Code).

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 Elements which one normally finds in coaches and sports professionals’ codes of ethics
    • I shall treat all athletes with respect and equality no matter their gender, their race, their physical abilities, their economic statuses, their religious beliefs or any other condition.
      • I shall always act in the athletes’ best interest.
      • I shall consider that the development of the athletes is a priority over the development of the sport.
      • I shall know and respect all of my sport’s written rules.
      • I shall respect all decisions rendered by the referees.
      • I shall consider that victory, just like defeat, is part of the fun of playing.
      • I shall respect the other teams’ athletes, their coaches and their supporters.
      • I shall recognize with dignity the opponents’ performance in defeat.
      • I shall accept victory with modesty without ridiculing the opponents.
      • I shall be honest toward the athletes and the sport.
      • I shall respect the commitments I make toward the athletes and the organization, whether written or oral.
      • I shall refuse to win using illegal, unfair or dishonest methods or by cheating
      • I shall be courteous, honest and respectful toward my colleagues.
      • I shall ensure that sports equipment and installations comply with safety regulations and respect the athletes’ level of development.
      • I shall inform the athletes about the inherent dangers of practicing our sport.
      • I shall inform the athletes about the inherent dangers of consuming alcohol, drugs and other doping agents.
      • I shall use precise language, free of insults and vulgarities.
      • I shall respect my power as a coach by preserving the athletes’ physical and mental integrity.
      • I shall embody the importance of being in good physical condition.
      • I shall project an image that reflects the positive values of my sport and of being a coach.
      • I shall refrain from any and all forms of intimidation in the context of my sport.

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