My responsibilities


The organization’s responsibilities in terms of protecting and accompanying young athletes 

The sports organization is liable, whether contractually or extracontractually, for ensuring the safety of all athletes and individuals who participate in their sport or in the activities it organizes.

The sports organization shall therefore comply, in particular, to the prescriptions of Quebec’s Civil Code, the Act Respecting Safety in Sports, and the Youth Protection Act. It shall also be aware of the rules pertaining to the age of legal consent  and corporal punishment.

In certain cases, the sports organization can also be held responsible for faults committed by its agents, employees or volunteers in the performance of their duties.

A sports organization’s liability is important, which is why we strongly recommend that it comply, in addition to the applicable regulations, with its own general rules, as well as other rules and policies it adopts.

We also strongly suggest the implementation of a prevention and intervention policy with regard to violence in a sports context

For more information on civil responsibilities in a sports and leisure context, we encourage you to go to the following link:
For more information on your obligations as managers of non-profit organizations, we encourage you to consult the French book written by the lawyer Mr. Paul Martel, called Administrateurs de personnes morales sans but lucratif: , 4th edition, available as a free download at the following address:

What are the athletes’ rights? 

Charte des droits de l’enfant dans le sport [Charter for the Rights of the Child in Sport, in French]