Advice, support and help

If you are a young athlete, a parent, a coach, a sports professional, a manager, a referee, or simply someone who is aware of a problematic situation related to violence of any form (physical, sexual, psychological, etc.) and you need help, support or just advice, all of the following organizations can guide you.
You don’t need to be absolutely certain that a young person is in need of protection to file a request. When your own observations or information entrusted to you by the youth give you reasonable motives to believe his or her security and development is or might be compromised, you are obligated to report the situation, without delay, to the DYP[G]
If you wish to receive personalized support, communicate with Sport’Aide to have someone guide you through the process.
  • Report a situation

  • Sexual violence

  • Victim of violence

  • Cyberbullying and exploitation of children

  • Help lines and intervention services for youths

  • Legal help services

  • Find professional support

  • Contact persons per organization